Suntex is a professional video processing solution provider that integrates design, development, production, sales and service .Suntex Development is customer-centered and innovation-driven. We deeply understands the needs and challenges of customers.

Combines with its own accumulated industry experience for many years, We use big data and artificial intelligence technology to develop the following series:  HD color quad processor series, HD low-power consumption human detection wireless wifi CCTV camera series, HD low-power consumption human detection wireless wifi samrt video doorbell series, HD low-power consumption wireless wifi CCTV NVR series, vehicle HD low-power consumption 3G/4G/GPS remote monitoring hard disk Mobile DVR, 360-degree panoramic driving recorder series, vehicle blind spot driving assistance system ,and other products. 

The company has more than 20 computer software copyright certificates and utility model patent certificates.  Due to the continuous innovation of technology, Suntex Development has obtained the certificates of  nation and Shenzhen high-tech enterprises.

 Suntex Development provides customers with satisfactory services and products through a completely quality management system.
 The products developed by us are widely used in various fields, such as railway high-speed railway and subway projects, highway management systems, car driving assistance systems in car factories, driving school driving test systems, large fleet management systems, smart homes, etc.


Home smart security system features introduced
Home smart security system features introduced

Home smart security system is the most important part of smart home, and smart security system is also one of the most...









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