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Home smart security system features introduced

2018-4-21Share:Qzone Weibo

Home smart security system is the most important part of smart home, and smart security system is also one of the most valued aspects of consumers, smart security involves family security, how to rationalize the smart home security do? The following editors come to the system to tell you about home smart security system features and characteristics.

Home Intelligent Security System - Smart Home Security System Introduction

Smart home security system is a comprehensive application of sensing technology, radio technology, fuzzy control technology and other technologies. From the security point of view, smart home security system can achieve home security alarm point level of defense, the use of logical judgments to avoid false alarm system; remote control or keyboard to the system arm, disarm, an alarm occurs, the system automatically confirms the alarm information, status and Position, when the alarm can automatically force a busy line.

Home Intelligent Security System - Features of Intelligent Security

·Home Intelligent Security System - Digital

The development of informatization and digitization has led to the development of digital surveillance video surveillance systems based on analog signals in security systems and the development of intelligent, digital, modular and networked systems.

·Home Intelligent Security System - Integrated

The integration of the security system includes two aspects. On the one hand, it integrates the security system with other intelligent systems in the community. 1 Integrate the security system with the communication system, service system, and property management system of the intelligent community so that they can share one! The data lines and the same computer network share the same database; on the other hand, the integration of the security system's own functions integrates video, access control, voice, and alarm functions in the same network architecture platform, which can provide an overall solution to the security monitoring of the intelligent community. Programs such as automatic alarms, fire safety, emergency buttons, and energy technology monitoring.

Home Intelligent Security System - Smart Home Security System Features

· Alarm and linkage function: Install door magnets and window magnets to prevent illegal intrusion. The management system can receive alarm signals from the alarm controller installed in the resident's room to quickly handle the alarm. When the alarm linkage control can generate an alarm in the room, when the system sends out alarm information, it automatically turns on the indoor lighting, starts the alarm, and so on.

· Alarm management display function: away from home mode that is anti-theft alarm status to prevent illegal intrusion, management system can receive real-time alarm signal, automatically display the alarm number and type of alarm, and automatically archiving system information. The indoor alarm controller has an emergency call function, and the management system can respond to and respond to emergency response signals from residents.

· Set/disarm linkage control: At home security mode, security system can be linked to cut off the power of certain household appliances. In the disarm mode at home, some of the lights automatically turn on, the door magnets and window magnets go offline, and the indoor smoke detectors and kitchen combustible gas detectors are still in the alarm mode.

·Post-police control processing: When an illegal intruder or gas leaks from home, the system will automatically make calls, send text messages, MMS, capture pictures, and E-mail to designated users' mobile phones! When the user receives a phone message, he or she can use the mobile computer to view the home monitor screen and control the home appliance settings, arming and disarming, and other operations.