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Is there any need to install a 360-degree panoramic driving recorder?

2018-4-21Share:Qzone Weibo

360-degree panoramic driving recorder, also known as 360-degree panoramic safe driving assistance system, its main function is for driving records, anti-touch porcelain, anti-scratch car party, and for parking monitoring and parking assistance. Compared with rear-view mirror driving recorder and common driving recorder, the function of panoramic driving recorder is much more powerful: 360-degree panoramic driving recorder can achieve 360-degree recording with no dead angle and no blind area, and the original car screen is not damaged and upgraded and installed. It will cause damage to the original system of the car.

So, for the majority of owners, the installation of 360-degree panoramic traffic recorder is not necessary? For this issue, Xiao Bian will use the 360-degree panoramic driving recorder for the car as an example to illustrate from various aspects and provide some suggestions for everyone.

Not everyone is an old driver

For the general technology, or rookie without driving experience, or do a panoramic view, ADAS driving auxiliary functions of the 360-degree panoramic driving recorder of vehicle parking lot: lane departure warning, roadside pedestrian warning, front vehicle collision warning, vehicle distance From monitoring and so on, each one is worth having.

If you unfortunately collide with someone else and you are not alone, there is a panoramic driving recorder that will help you a lot. At least, you will not be easily fooled by the old driver. And even as an old driver, it is impossible to avoid the "bright blinking" operation of some novices affecting you. Car Parker 360-degree panoramic traffic recorder 4 ultra-clear camera, whether before or after, left and right, 360-degree seamless panorama of the recorded traffic in each moment of the car, when the time will not be a mouthful of waste cannon directly dumped video!

Do you need to worry about vehicle safety after parking?



There are occasions when vehicles are slashed or stolen. If the owner's parking environment is not so good or it is poor, then it is still worth spending more money on a panoramic traffic recorder. The panorama driving recorder has a 24-hour parking monitoring function, and is still 360 degrees without dead ends. Once the body is damaged or shakes, it will automatically open the video function to leave evidence for you. It is definitely a big killer against the side-driving party. .

In addition, the unique 4G remote monitoring function of Car Parker allows you to easily grasp all the information of the car through the mobile phone: real-time video, vehicle positioning, electronic fences, picture capture, track query vehicle information, etc., 24-hour security Only the most peace of mind.