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2CH 12.3 Inch AHD Monitor with buit-in DVR

12.3 Inch AHD 2CH Monitor with built-in DVR
AHD 1080P Board Specification
Hi 3520 V300                                   
Video Compression
Video Input
2ch AHD 1080P / 960P / 720P input
2ch CVBS input
compatible with CVBS and AHD signals
compatible with PAL and NTSC systems
Video Output
40pin\50pin(TTL\LVDS )interface , 1024 * 600 resolution  
Output Resolution
1920*1080, 1280*720, 1024*768, 800*600
Recording Resolution
2G-512G SD card
Display Mode
Dual channels display mode , support full screen mode of each channel
Boot Screen
dual mode , power –off memory are optional
Record Mode
Dual mode
Recording Quality
Ultra HD, HD, Standard, Ordinary are adjustable
Video Mode
automatic record mode, delay-off 24h record mode
Video Playback
online playback or playback on computer ( Use USB to back the files or use professional player )
Power Management
Adaptive wide voltage input, reverse short circuit / low voltage / high voltage protection , etc.
Working Voltage
Power Consumption
<7W( doesn’t include 2pcs cameras )
Working Temperature
Operation Mode
IR remote controller , auto trigger
USB File Backup
Monitor Specification 
Screen Size
 12.3 inch
1920 ( RGB ) x 720
Image Area
Viewing Angle
800 cd/M
White light LED 
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
- 20℃- +70 ℃

1.Full real-time display , videos from 2pcs cameras can be displayed on a screen
2.       Support mixed input of AHD1080P, AHD 720P, 960H , CVBS
3.       Compatible with NTSC/PAL system  
4.       High quality resolution 1920x1080P ( include video input, recording resolution )
5.       2ch cameras can record and store videos simultaneously
6.       Support video display mode modification , such as dual split mode , etc.
7.       Support 2chs synchronous online video playback, pause, fast forward, fast back and other operations are available
8.       When the storage capacity is full,  videos will be overwritten automatically
9.       Support video files locking function, and locked files won’t be overwritten and deleted
10.   As for each video source , brightness, contrast, saturation, color and sharpness can be adjusted independently
11.   Independent adjustment of left and right mirror, up and down / 90 degree / 270 degree rotation for each channel .
12.   Support open or close the overlay display information, such as time, date, channel character, etc.
13.   Support IR remote controller operation
14.   With automatic trigger function, reversing light , high beam, brake light , etc. correspond to some operations.
15.   Real-time video storage technology, even if the power is off suddenly, the video files won’t be lost
16.   Independent setting and adjustment of auxiliary line , when encounters barriers, the driver can adjust the auxiliary line based on the vehicle width, to make a decision whether the car can pass the barriers successfully .
17.   As for video output, zoom display of top, bottom, left and right margins can be adjusted , to ensure that images can be displayed totally.
18.   Power-off memory function, if the power is off suddenly, the last setting screen will be displayed when the power restores.